Creating a Better Auction Experience

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Our Story

Envisioning a company that could bring best practices to collectibles and high value assets industry, Shaghaf Auctions was founded with a focus on our client's satisfaction, Shaghaf Auctions has built strong relationships that translates to a best-in-class auction experience for both online and in-person auctions.
Our founding partners, are implementing game-changing technologies. Superior infrastructure, logistics, technology and an expert staff make Shaghaf Auctions a leader in the collectible and valuable assets auction verticals. 

International Partnerships

Shaghaf is a proud Saudi company with strong international partnerships with the most recognizable entities around the globe. We work with a network of the top auction houses and experts from all over the world.
Our CEO at Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels Auction
That alone, will deliver the finest services and value to our clients. Whether you are considering valuation of your high value asset, or even would like to sell it through an international auction where it should be, we will make that happen!

Expert for Every Asset

Inspecting an Islamic Sword made of Gold

Shaghaf is driven by passion, our team of experts are passionate in many different ways. We have the GIA certified jeweler, the agarwood master, art enthusiasts, classic cars lovers and many passionate professionals who can asses, valuate and market your asset the right way.