The Elegant Rare Persian Rugs Auction by Shaghaf Auctions

The Elegant Rare Persian Rugs Auction by Shaghaf Auctions



On a captivating evening, the beautiful world of rare Persian rugs came to life at the lovely Novotel Al Anoud Hotel. On Thursday, June 15, 2023, a remarkable auction organized by Shaghaf Auctions began, showcasing 63 skillfully handwoven Persian rugs. These stunning creations were crafted by the most renowned rug-making families, whose generations of expertise have resulted in these vibrant works of art.

During the 3-hour event, a sense of anticipation and excitement filled the venue as collectors and traders of Persian rugs competed for the chance to own these extraordinary pieces. Amidst the enthusiasm of competitive bidding, the auction's total value reached over two million Saudi Riyals, reflecting the undeniable appeal of these magnificent rugs.

The auction displayed a diverse and impressive range of rugs, with prices covering a wide range. The most sought-after rug, number 61, was a luxurious silk Tabriz masterpiece skillfully crafted by the esteemed artisan "Khosh Haq." This exquisite rug caught the attention of bidders, achieving the highest bid of the evening at 130,000 Saudi Riyals. In contrast, the most affordable rug was number 1, a charming Nain rug made delicately with silk and wool, which sold for 5,000 Saudi Riyals.

By the end of this unforgettable night, an impressive 61 of the 63 displayed rugs found new homes, leaving a lasting impression on their proud new owners. The enchanting appeal of the Persian rugs was evident in the atmosphere of the auction, with attendees admiring the unique colors and intricate designs showcased.

The event demonstrated the expertise and skill of Shaghaf Auctions in organizing such sophisticated and refined auctions, creating an atmosphere of elegance and charm in this beautiful art event.

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