Royal Oud Auction by Shaghaf Tops $1.6 Million

Royal Oud Auction by Shaghaf Tops $1.6 Million

A Record-Breaking Auction: Shaghaf's Masterful Management of a $1.6 Million Oud Wood Collection

A Record-Breaking Auction: Shaghaf's Masterful Management of a $1.6 Million Oud Wood Collection

In the world of luxury auctions, it's not every day that a single event captures the attention and awe of both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. The recent record-breaking auction managed by Shaghaf Auctions was one such event, achieving a staggering $1.6 million in sales. The star of the show? A rare and exquisite Oud Wood collection from a royal family estate. In this blog post, we delve into the details of this extraordinary auction and Shaghaf's comprehensive services that made it a resounding success.

The Crown Jewel: A Royal Oud Wood Collection

With over 60 different lots, the auction featured an exceptional and diverse array of Oud Wood specimens. Sourced from a royal family estate, these rare and valuable items attracted keen interest from collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. The intrinsic beauty of the Oud Wood, combined with its prestigious provenance, made this auction a truly unique and unforgettable event.

Shaghaf's Comprehensive Services: From Valuation to Auctioning

As a leading auction house, Shaghaf Auctions has built a reputation for delivering unparalleled services to its clients. The success of the record-breaking Oud Wood auction can be attributed to our meticulous and comprehensive approach, which included:

1. Sorting

Our team of experts meticulously sorted through the extensive Oud Wood collection to ensure that each lot was carefully curated and presented in the best possible manner. This attention to detail not only showcased the unique characteristics of each Oud Wood piece but also helped potential buyers appreciate their true value.

2. Valuation

With years of experience and expertise in the field, our team of qualified appraisers conducted thorough valuations of each lot. This process involved evaluating factors such as the age, rarity, provenance, and quality of the Oud Wood, ensuring that each piece was accurately priced for the auction.

3. Photography

High-quality photography is crucial for capturing the essence of luxury items, and our team spared no effort in this regard. Each Oud Wood piece was professionally photographed, capturing its unique beauty and characteristics to entice potential buyers and accurately represent the items on offer.

4. Auctioning

Finally, our experienced auctioneers masterfully conducted the auction itself, engaging bidders and facilitating a smooth and successful event. From start to finish, our team ensured that both buyers and sellers enjoyed an exceptional auction experience.

The Result: A Record-Breaking $1.6 Million Auction

Thanks to the diligent efforts of Shaghaf's team and the allure of the royal Oud Wood collection, the auction surpassed all expectations, culminating in a record-breaking $1.6 million in total sales. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Shaghaf Auctions' commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver exceptional results for its clients.

As a leader in luxury auctions, Shaghaf Auctions continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, offering an unparalleled experience for both buyers and sellers. With a passion for excellence and a dedication to innovation, we look forward to continuing our journey of success and bringing more extraordinary auctions to the world.



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